Virgin Islands History Explored…

Gary James and Celeste Fahie explore historical highlights in Virgin Islands history as prompted by questions from brother Akeem. The occasion was Transfer Day 2017, marking the centennial commemoration (100 years) from the historical occasion. On March 31, 1917 the United States purchased from the kingdom of Denmark, the Danish West Indies, now known as the Virgin Islands of the United States of America.

James a recent transplant from New York City since 2009 is on a research mission, tracing his paternal ancestry on St. Croix. James was touting his book “Transfer Day” the first installment of a comprehensive research project. Checkout the research page for more information.

The video is in two parts, the top and bottom respectively. Click the photo to engage it.

Interview with students of the School of Journalism Columbia University August 2008. Prior to the advent of Republican and Democratic Coalition for the election of Senator Barack Obama President of the United States of America…


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