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Books, Articles, and Podcasts are accessible on this site, as it offers a full compliment of material. However, some of the book projects are in the process of becoming, therefore brief outlines and overviews are available.

We have expanded our business modal in order to facilitate an entrepreneurial opportunity initiative as a means to advocate and advance entrepreneurship and business culture as an imperative to economic and political ascendancy going forward. Advances in Internet and digital technology has made possible that which was previously impossible.

Sound Bites cannot adequately inform or education us and generate understanding in our complex and sophisticated world. Therefore, in order to satisfy our intellectual curiosity, and get a comprehensive perspective on the world as its unfolding today, we advocate the need for a Sound Meal, to expand the Sound Bite culture…

The advent of Christianity occurred in the western hemisphere in the 4th century by way of the Roman Catholic Church. During the 16th century Christianity divided between Catholics and Protestants. Little is known in the western hemisphere about the Eastern Orthodox branch of churches, which predate the Roman Church by three (3) centuries. BalthazarMonastery

The above are primary sites that comprise our multimedia interactive Internet platform and presence, it will be completed by years end. But we invite you to take a look as we add the finishing touches. The secondary websites are standalone sites and will not be linked going forward.

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