125th Street between Malcolm X Blvd. (Lenox Ave.) & Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (7 Ave.) on the south side of the street walking west.

We co-founded a Democrat & Republican coalition in 2008 for the election of Senator Obama to be president of the United States. The political exercise was very colorful and controversial and when I granted an interview to students from the Columbia University School of Journalism and the video hit the Internet it when viral…

In the wake of Barack Obama’s administration we revisit the video and explore the political road ahead for party politics in general and the black American community in particular. Look forward to my next release “Confession of a Black Republican ” excerpts of the 10 chapters will be published on this website.

The interview was conducted by Mr. Jacob Templin, a student at Columbia University School of Journalism, on campus, who requested the interview as a follow-up to interviews with members of the uptown Republican district leaders relative to the Harlem Republican Club and the presidential campaign of the GOP nominee Senator John McCain.

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