Virgin Islands Ancestry

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The connection between Virgin Islanders and Harlem, USA in particular is legendary and considering their manifold contributions to art, culture, literature, labor movement, social and political development in the USA, it qualifies as among one of the best kept secrets…

Yours truly was born in the states during the baby boom generation, my father and grandparents migrated from the VI’s St. Croix, in 1925 and never returned. Researching my family roots is a profound experience and my life going forward is greatly enriched…

Interesting enough my brothers and sisters that hail from the south, may in fact have roots in the Caribbean islands because the Virgin Islands, and Caribbean was the first port of call during the trans Atlantic trade of enslaved Africans… Moreover, the enslaved Africans were “seasoned” in the islands first, to determine what individuals would be transported to the America mainland.

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March 31, 2017 marked to 100 anniversary since the purchase of the Virgin Islands, formally known as the Danish West Indies, by the United States of America, from the kingdom of Denmark… The following is a two (2) part interview that includes Gary James and Celeste Fahie. The interview by representatives of the VI National Park Service.

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